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Waste and effluents from pwr

The participants will gain a global knowledge of the origin and fate of waste resulting from the operation of nuclear power plants.

After completing the course, they will be able to:

  • Identify the main regulations.
  • Cite typology and impacts of waste.
  • Describe treatment and surveillance techniques.

Course Content:

  • Regulatory aspects of waste management.
  • Effluent treatment. Physico-chemical aspects and process design.
  • Solid radioactive waste.
  • Thermal and chemical discharges.
  • Characterization of waste.
  • Techniques for decontamination of solid waste.
  • Impact of radioactive and chemical releases on the environment.
  • Health regulation and rejection control.
  • Surveillance of nuclear installations.
  • Radioactive waste storage centers.
  • R & D on the treatment of waste.
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