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Waste acceptance criteria


This course will study both the environment for waste acceptance (waste owner, regulatory requirements for waste package, waste transport, waste packaging, target waste disposal facility, and corresponding safety case) and the responsibilities of the Waste Management Organization regarding waste acceptance.

Waste acceptance system:

  • Overview of the requirements and constraints that are potentially applicable to disposal waste package - exercise
  • Overview of the system that can guarantee compliance of the waste package to the requirements - exercise
  • An example: the waste acceptance system developed by Andra

Waste acceptance criteria (existence and justification):

  • Identification of the source for these criteria such as radioprotection requirements, long-term safety requirements, operations, risks, needs linked to the presence of toxic chemical, etc.
  • System for describing waste acceptance criteria
  • Update or modification of waste acceptance criteria

Waste acceptance process:

  • The waste packaging cycle from initial gathering to final disposal
  • Initial compliance of the waste package to the waste acceptance criteria (at the waste package design phase)
  • Maintaining compliance during production of the waste packages and monitoring/inspection
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