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Training your project team to become the future owner-operator & regulator

When a newcomer country is considering whether or not to initiate a nuclear programme, there are many issues to tackle before the government reaches a decision.

The NEPIO needs to be created, a nuclear law needs to be drafted, a regulatory agency and future owner operator need to be formed. During that timeframe, teams of the statutory stakeholders need to be trained to become a knowledgeable customer.

We have designed a training programme for NEPIOs, future owner operating teams and the regulator teams for phase 1 and 2, before the invitation to bid or bilateral agreement. This programme covers a large number of topics drawing from the EDF Nuclear Performance Model and the experience of the French nuclear safety agency and its TSO.

The training is compliant with the IAEA recommendations and guidelines: “Milestones in the Development of a National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power” NE Series NG-6-3.1 (Rev.1) and other related documents. It is divided up into several modules that are spread out over time. They involve classroom training, study tours, coaching and tutoring as well as review of work.

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