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Thermal hydraulics of light water reactors general

The objective of the module is to explain and to justify the thermal design of a nuclear reactor and to assess the thermodynamic efficiency of a nuclear reactor (energy conversion).Upon the module completion, the participants will be able to calculate the fuel temperature and define the related safety criteria.


  • Single phase fluid mechanics.
  • Control volumes and control masses. Balance equations: instantaneous, local equations, 1D equations, lumped equations. 
  • Laminar flows: resolution of Navier-Stokes equations for simple conditions. 
  • Turbulent flows: statistical treatment, momentum and heat transfer, boundary layer. 
  • Pressure drops: wall friction, singular pressure drops. Pump characteristics. 
  • Heat transfer: Nusselt number and heat transfer coefficient. Treatment of heat exchangers. 
  • Thermal characteristics and thermal design of nuclear reactors 
  • Thermodynamic cycles: thermodynamic diagrams. Main design issues. Thermal and mechanical aspects of fuel.
  • Heat transfer in fuel materials. 
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