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Thermal hydraulics and safety


  • Describe the various scales of two-phase flow modelling and their significance.
  • Present the different formulations of the 1D two-phase flow modelling (number and nature of balance equations, set of dependent variables, closure laws).
  • Give practical and relevant examples of thermal hydraulic models in the nuclear field.
  • Identify and to discuss the major physical phenomena involved during design basis accident and severe accidents.
  • Describe the different scenarios of core degradation and corium interactions during severe accidents.
  • Present the hydrogen risk in LWRs.


  • Basic phenomena in single- and two-phase flow.
  • Thermal hydraulic phenomena in LWRs.
  • Multi-scale approach of LWR thermal hydraulics.
  • System code modelling of reactor thermal hydraulics including advanced modelling.
  • Simulation of LWR design basis accidents.
  • Application of two-phase CFD to some reactor thermal hydraulic issues.
  • Multiphase phenomena and modelling of severe accidents in LWRs.
  • Hydrogen risk.
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