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Tailor-made nuclear fundamentals

INSTN is used to working in close cooperation with its customers to build and implement services that match their needs and ensure maximum efficiency. Thanks to an SAT-based analysis, tailor-made courses are designed, making optimum use of existing modules, learning tools and resources, and research and industrial facilities.

The tailor-made fundamentals course in nuclear energy offers a clear understanding of what nuclear energy is. It can address, depending on customer’s request, technology, safety, economics, environment, and society.

Our most recent tailor-made course covered basic science in nuclear energy, nuclear power plants design, operation, and life cycle. It also gave an insight into radiation protection and nuclear applications in human health. Throughout the course, particular emphasis was given to nuclear safety and safety culture.

Innovative learning tools and methods are implemented (voting boxes, private network) for the interactive management of activities (brainstorm, IMCQ) and for the illustration of specific nuclear topics (reactor basic principles simulator, radioactivity exposure simulator, serious game). Visits of nuclear sites can also be integrated as well as meetings with representatives from various stakeholders.

The topical areas that are usually addressed in the course are part or all of the following:

  • Global energy context and place of nuclear
  • Nuclear essentials: nuclear energy generation, radioactivity and radiation protection
  • Nuclear reactors and focus on customer-preferred technology
  • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • Radiation protection, biological effects
  • Nuclear safety and radiation protection culture
  • Economics and project management for nuclear programs
  • Other applications of nuclear energy, e.g. health applications.
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