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Subcontractor in a nuclear power plant


Advanced training to understand the meaning of becoming a qualified supplier for a nuclear power plant.

This course is designed as information for newcomer suppliers. The main goal is to understand nuclear standards, what changes are required to upgrade the supplier’s company in terms of safety and quality. From nuclear safety to the design and activities on an NPP, suppliers are questioning themselves on what changes they must implement to reach nuclear standard qualification. To help them with these issues, the training describes an EPR-like NPP, how it works, the stakes of nuclear safety culture and quality at each step, from project development to decommissioning.

Nuclear power plant: a global overview of a nuclear power plant, from first plant series to the latest generation, EPR.

Nuclear safety: description of the management of nuclear safety culture using IAEA’s INSAG 8 recommendations. From design to operation and outages, the safety requirements are the overall priority and must be adapted to each activity and for all suppliers as well as EDF staff.

Quality to safety performance: how to become a nuclear supplier. This course focuses on the specific issues related to quality through the applicable documentation and the requirements for all activities.

Quality standards and exposure: the RCCM code or the correlation between ASME and RCCM codes are explained to newcomer suppliers. Many examples from nuclear grade welding and subsequent controls are displayed.

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