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Specificities of experimental reactors

Objectives of the module:

  • Acquire a detailed vision of experimental reactors, existing or under study, and their specificities:
  • Identify the main types of reactors and experimental devices,
  • Describe their technologies and systems,
  • Explain the safety issues and regulations specific to them,
  • Examine the specificities related to their exploitation,
  • Explain the objectives and design choices of the Jules Horowitz reactor (JHR).


  • Introduction to experimental reactors.
  • Reminders of neutronics and nuclear physics.
  • Fuel from current and developing reactors.
  • Experimental devices.
  • Design of the battery pack.
  • Thermohydraulic, primary circulation and pressurization.
  • Development constraints and architecture.
  • Exploitation: specific problems, feedback.
  • Positioning of research reactors in their environment.
  • Presentation of recent major projects.
  • Presentation of the RJH project.
  • Risks related to experimental reactors. Incidents, accidents.
  • Safety systems.
  • French and international regulations.
  • Presentation and visit of reactors.
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