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Radiation protection for decommissioning


Technical training delivered by experts for newcomers to the field of decommissioning.

Training description:

The radiological approach in the decommissioning sphere is quite close to the radiological approach of an operational atmosphere; nevertheless, some important specificities have to be accounted for.

The course objectives are:

  • To give a basic radiation protection knowledge to the students,
  • To present the ALARA approach,
  • To highlight the characteristics and specificities of radiation protection as applied to decommissioning especially concerning internal and external exposure risk.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the radioprotection regulatory framework and its impact in the decommissioning field,
  • Put forward solutions in order to limit the integrated dose,
  • Limit internal exposure during the decommissioning phase,
  • Explain dosimetry optimization management.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of working in a radiological controlled environment

Learning techniques: Classroom-based teaching with PowerPoint supports

Target population: Engineering and technical personnel / nuclear operators new to decommissioning

Technology: PWR, Gas Graphite, Fast Breeder, Heavy Water

Duration: 1 day in France

Max number of trainees per course: 20

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