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Radiation protection and confinement

The objective of the Training Module is to provide a transfer of knowledge in the fields of radiation protection, both of workers and of public, and of confinement of the radioactive substances in the nuclear facilities.

Therefore, the course is focused on exposure to ionizing radiations as the main risk of a nuclear facility that must be assessed in order to reach the objective of adequate radiation protection of the workers and the population. Provisions are implemented for the limitation and the optimisation of the internal and external exposures of workers, from the design of the nuclear facilities to their dismantling.

Among them, tools are used for monitoring the exposure of the workers and helping to reduce it. Limiting the exposure of the workers and the population relies notably on the containment of the radioactive substances. Provisions have to be foreseen for avoiding the dispersion of the radioactive substances inside the facility during normal operation as well as in case of an accident and reducing the radioactive releases of the facility in the environment during normal operation as well as in case of an accident. As releases cannot be completely prevented, assessing their impact on the population is required.

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