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Pwr familiarization


This training focuses on nuclear safety, design principles of PWRs, and EDF Operation & Maintenance organization management.

Training description:

The course gives trainees an overview of pressurized water reactors (PWRs) and is specifically designed for future owners/operators’ staff.

The objective is to familiarize trainees with the fundamental design and operation of a PWR and the nuclear safety principles that apply to this type of reactors.

It describes:

  • The working principles of a PWR-type power plant and other main technologies,
  • The constitution of the heart of a PWR nuclear reactor, how it works and how to control it,
  • Nuclear safety from construction to operation,
  • The EDF organization of operations and maintenance management of a nuclear power plant,
  • Ionizing radiations and radiation protection in nuclear power plants.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: This training is designed to give an overview of nuclear power plants for future technicians, engineers and managers. No prior knowledge or experience in nuclear technology or power industry is required.

Learning techniques: Participative method using lecture, scheme, movies, pictures, and animated slides. This training and all the supporting documents are available in English.

Target population: Engineering and technical personnel / nuclear operators new to decommissioning

Duration: One week in a training center

Max number of trainees per course: 24

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