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Outage management workshop and internship


A high-level training programme dedicated to the managers of the future outage project organization consisting of a two-week session, workshops with experts, and an internship during a real outage.

Training description:

Through this journey to “outage management”, participants will acquire critical knowledge about the specific features of NPP outages and organization.

This program is structured in two modules:

  • The Outage Management Fundamentals workshop as a strong introduction to outages of NPPs from organization, schedule structure principles for operation and maintenance, nuclear safety during outage to Operation Department Start-up organization. Half a day is dedicated to the visit of outage facilities at an EDF NPP.
  • The Performing Observation during an outage as an internship. This is a high-level training program dedicated to managers in future outages consisting of “à la carte” observation sessions. Participants will develop and deepen professional knowledge according to the managers’ background, competences, and requirements.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: Detailed theoretical knowledge of PWR operation and maintenance fundamentals.

Learning techniques:

  • First module: classroom-based lectures
  • Second module: observations during an NPP outage giving opportunities to reinforce knowledge by shadowing the outage managers’ team.

Duration: One week at EDF International Campus + One week during an outage at an EDF NPP.

Max number of trainees per course: First module: 10 / Second module: 5

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