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Nuclear waste management

The course describes in deep the infrastructure for the safe and secure management of radioactive waste, from legal and regulatory aspects to the processing and disposal of radioactive waste, from the decommissioning of nuclear facilities and environmental remediation of sites, to the management of disused sealed radioactive sources.

It covers all measures needed to ensure the safety of people and the environment. The panorama of Research and Development activities in the field is presented. 

Specific topics covered include the different types of radioactive waste, waste management strategies, methods of conditioning, past and present disposal and storage facilities, technical-economics aspects, French rules and regulations, international rules and regulations, safety rules provided by the French Safety Authority.

Practical aspects are addressed through case studies, which includes the definition of strategies and methods for waste management, radioprotection analysis, risk assessment, safety analysis, handling, packaging definitions and characterization, transport regulations, cost evaluation and optimization. 

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