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Nuclear waste in decommissioning projects

The objective of the module is to understand the main principles of nuclear waste management (sorting, measurement, treatment, packaging, transport ...). Upon, the module completion, the participants will be able to define an optimized management mode of waste and dismantling effluents and:

  • Identify the key regulatory aspects related to nuclear waste management and the resulting obligations,
  • Distinguish the different types of conventional and nuclear waste as well as the waste disposal systems and associated costs,
  • Identify the main actors of waste management and their responsibility (producer, holder, carrier ...).


  • Decommissioning waste management: context, regulations, types, sectors ...
  • Study waste and zoning waste.
  • Conventional waste: regulation, sorting methods, main recycling and treatment channels.
  • Radioactive waste LLW and WLLW.
  • Characterization of radioactive waste.
  • Transport of waste and effluents.
  • Treatment of radioactive waste: processes and techniques used.
  • Management of liquid effluents.
  • Technical and financial management of waste.
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