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Nuclear safety familiarization


As an overriding priority, nuclear safety culture is required for everybody working on a nuclear power plant. This training gives the required basic safety culture of nuclear safety.

Training description:

This training is intended for the initial training process of all contributors on an NPP. The goal of this training is to familiarize the trainees with nuclear safety principles.

It describes:

  • the different steps necessary to perform a risk analysis
  • The foundation of nuclear safety and the contributing players,
  • how operators demonstrate and maintain the safety demonstration,
  • The operating frame of reference contributing to the maintenance of the safety level of the facilities.

For this first approach of safety culture, risk analysis is particularly developed on each theme with a focus on human, organizational, and technical factors used to achieve a high level of nuclear safety.

Course information:

Pre-requisites:  The trainees are required to know the overall facilities on a power plant and the location of main equipment. This training is designed to reinforce the safety culture briefly achieved in the job academy – common knowledge.

Learning techniques:

  • Participative method using lectures, schemes, movies, pictures, and animated slides.  A part of the training is delivered in two separate groups to encourage active participation.
  • This training and all the supporting documents are available in English.

Duration: One week in a training center

Max number of trainees per course: 12 to 24

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