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Nuclear reactor safety I-safety of power reactor

The objective of this Training Module is to provide a transfer of knowledge in relation to the following topics:

  • Description and critical investigation of the following western reactor types
  • Fuel design optimization and core design optimization in PWRs
  • Neutronics and thermal hydraulics of PWRs
  • Description and critical investigation of the eastern reactor types
  • Reactors design
  • Main aspects referring to deterministic safety analysis, probabilistic safety analysis, event trees, fault trees, core damage frequency
  • Physical barriers and design approach
  • Safety analysis of accident scenarios
  • Quantification of the conservative analyses margin
  • Licensing purposes when codes are used together with a methodology to evaluate uncertainties
  • Malfunctions Reduction rate
  • Indications to build their own dynamic compartmental models to represent the migration, degradation and fate of contaminants in environmental and engineered systems
  • Safety Authority Regulations and procedures
  • Decommissioning operations needed to dismantle a nuclear power plant
  • Development and verification of accident management procedures
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