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Nuclear fuel cycle

The module is an introduction to the rationale and practical steps of nuclear fuel cycle (front-end, back-end and nuclear waste management).The strategy implemented in different countries (France, USA, etc.) is discussed in order to put into perspective the nuclear fuel cycle issues and identify promising tracks for the longer term (Pu optimized recycling, Minor Actinides transmutation).

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the different stages of the production of nuclear fuels based on uranium oxide from uranium ores.
  • Explain the need of different stages in the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Characterise the types of nuclear fuel and describe the techniques of exploration and extraction of uranium.
  • Describe the methods of isotopic enrichment.
  • Describe the properties of spent nuclear fuel.
  • Analyse options for temporary storage of spent fuel and storage strategies.
  • Explain the concepts associated with the treatment of spent nuclear fuel, analyse current and proposed processes and describe the characteristics of MOX fuel
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