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Non-ops initial waves


This training program is dedicated to the first wave of managers and engineers, from their recruitment to starting their job.

Training description:

The first wave of managers and engineers in non-ops on a new site under construction must be trained as soon as possible to be ready for commissioning. EDF proposes this 20-week training program on its Campuses. The trainees will be able, while following the course, to make on-site training on the contiguous nuclear power plants.

The training goes as follows:

  • International training for non-operation engineers - Process knowledge: general overview of the operation of a nuclear power plant, including operating on Mistral simulator.
  • International training for non-operation engineers - Engineering knowledge: legal framework and strategic framing service of maintenance.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: Recruited engineers (level7 of the IFQ), the trainees should follow the Generic Nuclear Fundamentals and/or Job Academy Common Knowledge prior to this training.

Training tools:

  • MISTRAL basic principles simulators
  • Mock-ups, equipment workshop, and radiation protection workshop

Applicable technology: Phases 1 and 2 of the training are designed for PWRs. Phase 3 is available for all technologies and phase 4 might be tailored taking into account future equipment to be installed on the new NPP.

Duration: 20 weeks at an EDF Nuclear Campus

Max number of trainees per course: 24

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