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Neutronics for light water reactors advanced


  • Present the general principles of neutronics calculation schemes (i.e from sub-assembly to core calculations, fundamental mode, equivalence techniques, main sequences…).
  • Review the fundamentals of numerical analysis and the basic characteristics of deterministic and probabilistic numerical simulations of physical processes.
  • Elaborate discretized forms of neutron diffusion and transport equations in 1D and 2D with understanding of fundamental mode, to show how to elaborate the spatial, angular, energy and time discretization methods.
  • Review neutron transport and diffusion theory and to construct eigenvalue problems with various approaches (i.e finite element method, finite difference method, collision probability method, discrete ordinates methods, characteristics method, power and inverse power iterative methods …)
  • Understand and define numerical approaches for the resolution of one group steady state diffusion and transport equations for simplified configurations (i.e 1D).
  • Review probabilistic numerical simulations, Monte Carlo methods (i.e continuous and discrete probability distributions,  random numbers& sampling, importance sampling, variance reduction methods, error estimation, neutron and photon transport applications, parallel simulations…).
  • Present the deterministic neutronics APOLLO2 code and the Monte-Carlo neutronics TRIPOLI4 code and to perform labwork analysis.
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