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Materials for nuclear reactors

This course lays the foundation for understanding how materials behave in nuclear systems. In particular, during the course, a solid base of nuclear material fundamentals is built in order to understand radiation damage and effects in fuels and structural materials.

After completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Describe the mechanisms of irradiation damage.
  • Identify the available techniques to investigate the evolution of materials under irradiation.
  • Compare the properties of steels used for reactor core structures.
  • Explain the evolution of fuel and cladding during operation. 

Course Content:

  • Mechanisms of irradiation damage
  • Introduction to fuel materials
  • Behavior of in core metallic materials
  • Steels for LWR, FBR and fusion
  • Zr alloys for Fuel Assembly in LWR
  • Carbides, SiC and ZrC high temperature materials for GenIV reactors
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