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Master of science in nuclear energy production and industrial applications (sneam/nepia)

The MSc in Nuclear Energy Production & Industrial Applications specializes in nuclear science applications including energy production (power reactors) and industrial applications (particles beams technology, instrumentation ...). The combination of scientific and technical skills with knowledge management and strong safety culture (human factor and organizational safety) is meant to put people and environment safety as the priority number one.

  • Acquire basic knowledge necessary for understanding nuclear energy production (power reactors) and industrial applications, e.g. accelerators, cyclotrons, etc.
  • Develop competences in reactor operation, maintenance and safety issues including radiation protection.
  • Develop skills in particle beams production and qualification.
  • Develop skills in nuclear radiations applications: instrumentation, non-destructive testing, and security.
  • Develop an awareness and take into account society considerations & issues related to nuclear energy production.

Online application: 

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