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Introduction to decommissioning package


Technical training delivered by experts for newcomers to the field of decommissioning.

Training description:

This package is designed as an introductory training for engineering personnel, nuclear operators, and anyone with a basic knowledge of nuclear power who will soon be involved in decommissioning.

The package consists of sessions dedicated to the decommissioning strategy within EDF, the characterization and management of polluted ground, the management and dismantling of contaminated structures (with a civil engineering focus), and the management of conventional and radioactive waste arising from decommissioning activities.

The learning is classroom-based, however, an optional half-day visit to one of EDF’s decommissioning site can be arranged at the end of the course to see the theory learned in the classroom put into practice in a real decommissioning environment.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain EDF’s decommissioning strategy,
  • Understand the fundamentals of waste management on a decommissioning site,
  • Understand the methodologies for the management and deconstruction of contaminated structures,
  • Understand the techniques for characterization and management of polluted ground.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of nuclear power generation and the workings of a nuclear plant

Duration: 2.5 days in France (if with site visit, otherwise free location choice)

Max number of trainees per course: 30

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