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International school in nuclear engineering

The National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) organizes the International School in Nuclear Engineering, aiming at promoting knowledge in the field of nuclear science at a high education level.

Every year since 2011, six independent one-week courses are held in France at three locations: Cadarache, Marcoule, and Saclay. The courses are designed for young researchers, PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and engineers already having a Master of Science in nuclear engineering as a background. Participants have the possibility to choose the module they want to follow, from only one to all six modules.

The courses present the international state-of-the-art in the main topics of nuclear engineering: reactor core physics, thermal hydraulics, materials, fuels, fuel cycle, and nuclear waste.  University recognition is granted upon successful completion of the courses (3 university credits for each one-week course).

Lecturers are world-renowned experts from CEA and other major nuclear stakeholders.

Outline program of courses:

  • Reactor Core Physics: Deterministic and Monte Carlo Methods
  • Thermal Hydraulics and Safety
  • Materials for Nuclear Reactors, Fuels and Structures
  • Nuclear Fuels for Light Water Reactors and Fast Reactors
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle: from Strategy to Processes
  • Nuclear Waste Management
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