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Generic nuclear fundamentals

An overview of the fundamental engineering theory and design aspects related to nuclear generation, promoting nuclear safety throughout.

Training description:

The generic nuclear fundamentals course consists of a comprehensive program of sessions on such subjects as atomic theory, nuclear physics, radiation protection, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, thermodynamics, fluids and fluid flow, civil engineering, control and instrumentation and reactor protection.

The course utilizes the latest reactor simulators, learning technologies and thinking available to deliver high quality training in an efficient manner. This unique student-centered approach has enabled the course to be delivered in just six weeks, yet the training is effective and prepares the students for examination to best in world standard.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, electricity & English (equivalent to bachelor degree level).

Learning techniques:

  • Modern learning techniques such as flipped learning, differentiated and blended learning.
  • Combination of classroom, simulation and collaborative learning.
  • Multiple format approach targets the individual learning styles auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Training tools:

  • 3D visualizations and videos
  • Latest in reactor simulation technology

Duration and place: 6 weeks at EDF Energy Cannington Court Campus

Max number of trainees per course: 12

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