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Fuel-handling course

Advanced training giving the opportunity to practice fuel-handling operations during normal, transient, and abnormal operation in a full-scale environment.

Training description:

This course is designed as just-in-time training for operation and engineering personnel involved in fuel handling operations during an outage. CETIC (a full scale refueling pool with its refueling machine) is what makes this training so unique as this facility is fully dedicated to training.

The main goal is to learn how to use the refueling machine and cavity equipment during normal, transient, and abnormal operations. Core offload and reload are practiced working together as a team. Effective communication and observation skills are developed during this training in order to improve the plant performance during the next outage. A specific session on EDF nuclear fleet operating experience is also delivered.

Course information:

Pre-requisites: Operation training completed (licensed operators or equivalent on a case-by-case basis)

Learning techniques:

  • Classroom-training to reinforce knowledge
  • CETIC simulator training to practice and work in team

Training tools: CETIC is a facility for PWR maintenance preparation, qualification, and training. It includes a full-scale working refueling simulator with borated fuel pool.

Duration and place: 1 week at CETIC

Max number of trainees per course: 6

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