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First wave process


A comprehensive training program for control room operators, as well as serving as a sound technical foundation for other roles such as nuclear safety engineer, shift manager, and simulator instructor.

Training description:

This comprehensive training program consists of all the classroom nuclear theory sessions and hands-on simulator practice necessary for the role of reactor operator, as well as serving as  a sound technical foundation for other operations roles such as nuclear safety engineer, control room supervisor, shift manager, and simulator instructor.

The program is designed to enable the graduates of the initial waves to have sufficient technical competence to become the training instructors of the program for the subsequent waves of trainees, delivering the training using the facilities developed by their parent project organization.

Course information:


  • Basic knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, electricity, and English (equivalent to Bachelor level)
  • Attendance on training courses Generic Nuclear Fundamentals and Job Academy Common Knowledge

Learning techniques:

  • Classroom theory sessions
  • Demonstration and hands-on simulator practice

Training tools:

  • 3D visualizations and videos
  • MISTRAL soft-panel simulators
  • Full-scope hard & soft-panel simulators

Duration: Approximately 12 months predominantly at EDF Saclay Campus.

Max number of trainees per course: 12

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