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ETC-C AND RCC-CW: General introduction


Duration: 1 day

Location: Paris, France

You are:

  • A senior civil engineer, a structural engineer, or a project manager who intends to work on a nuclear project and who wants to understand the purpose of a nuclear code for civil works and who wants to have an overview of its content


  • No prerequisite. This one-day training "general introduction" is compulsory to attend ETC-C and RCC-CW "design" and "construction" courses.

Course description:

The purpose of this 1-day training course is to introduce and outline the ETC-C & RCC-CW Code.
The ETC-C and RCC-CW are the codes used to design and build the civil structures of nuclear power plants. The ETC-C (EPR Technical Code for Civil Works) is specific to EPR nuclear power plant whereas the RCC-CW (Rules for design and construction of PWR nuclear civil works) can be applied to others projects. Both these codes were published by AFCEN (French Association for design, construction rules, and in-service surveillance of nuclear steam supply system equipment), respectively in 2012 and 2015.
The 2018 edition of the RCC-CW code includes the following improvements:

  • improved requirements related to the minimum reinforcement rate,
  • introduction of requirements for post-installed anchors and recently updated standards,
  • changes to the contents for reinforcements (CREIN) in alignment with EN 13670,
  • general revision of the requirements relating to tolerances (CA).
    This training session explains the objectives and the applicability of a nuclear code for civil works and gives an overview of the content of these two codes.

Course strengths:

  • Course documents were established by ETC-C and RCC-CW experts
  • The trainers are practitioners of the Code, approved by the AFCEN, and are part of the Partners involved in the development of the Code.
  • A certificate is issued by “Ponts Formation Edition” and AFCEN for each trainee.
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