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Design of a radioactive waste surface disposal


The course addresses the following issues related to disposal design:

  • Review of the regulatory requirements for the disposal (linked to safety, to the environment, to other regulations)
  • Review of the external data such as:
  • Siting and site data,
  • Planned inventory for the future disposal facility (quantitative data, packaging, delivery schedule)
  • Functional requirements for the repository (the disposal part): identification of the exact needs associated to the disposal facility using a functional breakdown approach
  • Design requirements, described using the above mentioned functional breakdown
  • Planned repository breakdown into components (Product Breakdown Structure) including the components that are the waste packages and final cover, taking into account the timeline of the realization of the different components,
  • Justified allocation of the design requirements to each of the repository components as listed in the Product Breakdown Structure:
  • The feasibility issue (for example linked to concrete durability),
  • Optimization vis-à-vis what criteria, optimization methodology,
  • Detailed specification of the repository components as listed in the Product Breakdown Structure.
  • Realization
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