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Decommissioning project management

This course provides a global vision of the organization and implementation of dismantling projects. 

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the various dismantling strategies defined by the different operators ;
  • Integrate the issues and risks of a dismantling project;
  • Identify the different steps specific to the management process of a dismantling project;
  • State the main regulatory, environmental and technical constraints relating to a decommissioning project;
  • Distinguish the main stages of a dismantling project;
  • Position themselves as an actor in the design and / or construction stages of a dismantling project.

Course content:

  • Regulation applicable to decommissioning projects
  • Decommissioning policy and strategy at EDF
  • Decommissioning policy and strategy
  • Organizational process of a decommissioning project (MOA, MOE, industrial operator, design and construction studies, works, etc.)
  • Specificities of decommissioning projects in terms of industrial assemblies, regulatory texts, risk analysis, and cost evaluation
  • Industrial assembly and contracting of dismantling operations
  • Presentation of concrete cases with associated feedback
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