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Criticality safety

Criticality safety 101: from the physics basics to criticality accident.

This course is intended for engineers who will participate in criticality safety studies and analysis.

Module content:

  • Organization of criticality safety in France
  • Physical phenomena and neutronics allowing to understand a criticality accidents
  • Criticality parameters and critical curves
  • Criticality standards, the Maubert guide, available guides and tools
  • Existing detection means
  • Near-accident incidents and major accidents in laboratories and factories
  • Radiological consequences of criticality accidents
  • Crisis management
  • The Tokaimura criticality accident
  • Calculation codes: input and output data, validity domains, and usage constraints
  • Analysis of calculation notes
  • Principles of defense in depth and standard plan of safety analyses
  • Characteristics of criticality accidents
  • Application of defense in depth to criticality accidents
  • The beginnings of the safety analysis approach applied to the transport of fissile materials
  • Main regulations for the transport of fissile materials
  • Criticality study of transport packages
  • Sensitization of the operating staff to the criticality risk
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