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Crisis management and emergency preparedness

The emphasis of this module is given to emergency at a nuclear power plant.

Nuclear emergency is an emergency in which there is a hazard due to the energy release from nuclear chain reaction or from the decay of the products of a chain reaction. 

The participants of this module will be able to:

  • Describe the structure of crisis management in France;
  • Identify the different types of crisis that can be faced as well as the human and material resources;
  • Identify the different players involved in crisis management;
  • Understand the different actions to be taken in case of an emergency;
  • Describe the structure of crisis in media and public communication;
  • Understand the human and collective functioning in a crisis situation;
  • Understand the activities of teams engaged in the field;
  • Experience the effects of stress while working on practical cases in teams;
  • Understand the environmental and individual constraints.
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