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AFCEN nuclear codes for civil works (ETC-C AND RCC-CW): CONSTRUCTION


Duration: 2 days

Location: Paris, France

You are:

  • A civil engineer with responsibilities for coordination and execution of works on EPR projects who looks for transition training covering the key changes between the Euronorms and the ETC-C/RCC-CW.


  • an understanding of civil engineering construction.
  • the one-day training "general introduction" is recommended to attend ETC-C and RCC-CW "design" and "construction" courses.

Course description:

The purpose of this 2-day training session is to outline the requirements of the ETC-C and RCC-CW codes. Dedicated to the Construction (Part 2) of the code, it covers all the aspects of the construction for civil engineering structures of nuclear power plants (geotechnics, seismic analysis, concrete, prestressing, liner, anchorages, steel works…). Part 3 of the codes dedicated to leak tightness tests and resistance tests on containment is also presented.

Main topics:

  • earthworks and soil treatments
  • concrete
  • passive reinforcement and post tensioning systems
  • liners for containments and fuel ponds
  • sleeves and anchor plates
  • structural steelwork
  • topography, tolerances
  • containment leaktightness and resistance tests

Course strengths:

  • course documents were established by ETC-C and RCC-CW experts
  • the trainers are practitioners of the code, approved by AFCEN, and are part of the partners involved in the development of the code
  • a certificate is issued by “Ponts Formation Edition” and AFCEN for each trainee
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